How to Highlight Best Bets

Want to highlight specific pages or information? Create a Best Bet, which appears above the standard web results when a searcher’s query matches the text of its metadata (e.g., title, description, or keywords).

Some uses for Best Bets:

  • To respond to an emerging—or sudden interest, such as a weather emergency.
  • To showcase select pages, such as in anticipation of events/holidays or following a site redesign.
  • To highlight content that is scattered throughout the results pages or doesn’t rise to the top of the search results.

There are two types of Best Bets.

Text Best Bets

Text Best Bets have the same look as a standard web result. They may be individually boosted or boosted in bulk. Up to three relevant best bets are listed under a heading, Recommended by {Site Name}.

Graphics Best Bets

Graphics Best Bets have one or two-column layouts and the ability to add an image. Up to one relevant best bet is listed under a heading, {Best Bet Title} by {Site Name}.

These headings include a parameter for the site name you provide on the Site Information page in the Admin Center.

Filling Out the Form to Add Best Bets

Publication Dates. For both types of Best Bets (text only or graphics), you will have the choice to set a date to publish and a date to deactivate the entry. The default for initial publication is the day in which you input data and create a Best Bet. The default for deactivation is null, so it will stay up forever until you decide to take it down.

Adding Keywords. When adding keywords, remember the title and site description is automatically available to be searched. If you add additional keywords, be sure not to be so general that the site comes up in ways that frustrate the searcher. For example, very general, unqualified words, such as reports, business, or an agency name may be so general that the Best Bet site shows up too frequently. Add specific phrases, as keywords, that are not duplicated in the title and description texts.

Images. For a graphic Best Bet, you may create the feature with or without an image. Be sure to choose only images for which the display rights are not limited. The alt text and the attribution should both be included if you do add an image. The attribution URL links the attribution text to a site of your choice. Sometimes linking to the actual site where the image was found is not appropriate, so you can choose to use or not use this box.

Sort and Display. There is no limit as to the number of links that can be included. You can determine what the display order will be of text links within your graphic feature. Use the arrows to rearrange the display order of the links. Remember, you can choose a one or a two column display in the Layout box above. Columns are displayed in newspaper-style format, with an automatic break for columns depending on the number of links listed.

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